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Submission Hypnosis

Updated: Jan 3

The moment you hear the slow and commanding tone, your attention is immediately captured. "Close your eyes," I say, and without hesitation, you comply. The world around you fades away, leaving only the darkness behind your closed eyelids and the soothing rhythm of my captivating voice.

"Relax," I continue, and you feel every muscle in your body responding to the command. Your shoulders loosen, your jaw unclenches, and any tension lingering in your limbs begins to dissolve. You are completely at ease, entirely focused on the words guiding you deeper into relaxation.

The Pleasure of Controlled Breathing: A Journey into Deep Relaxation

"Now, I want you to take a deep breath in," and you obey, inhaling slowly and deeply, feeling the cool air filling your lungs.

"Hold it," I say, and you hold your breath, savoring the sensation as your chest expands with the fullness of oxygen.

"Exhale slowly," I command, and you release the breath you've been holding, feeling the warmth of the air leaving your body as your chest deflates. A wave of relaxation washes over you, and you realize that this simple act of breathing has never felt so pleasurable before.

Benifits of Erotic Pleasure Of Massage

10...  You can feel the anticipation building within you, eager to surrender control and experience the pleasure that awaits.

9… Your muscles loosen and your body sinks further into the cushions beneath you, cradling you in warmth and comfort.

8… It is everything and everywhere, enveloping you in its hypnotic embrace.

7… It's a delicate, intimate touch that sends shivers down your spine and makes your heart race with anticipation.

6… All that remains is my voice, guiding you deeper and deeper, and your growing desire to obey and submit.

5… Whenever you hear the words 'good boy,' whether from my voice or through text, you will feel waves of pleasure coursing through your body." The thought of such a reward excites you, making you ache for the moment when those words will be spoken.

4… It's as if you are basking in the sun, absorbing its radiant energy and feeling it nourish your very soul.

3… The world around you fades into insignificance, leaving only the voice and its comforting presence.

2… You can sense the power and authority in the voice, and you yearn to submit fully, to give yourself over completely to its control.

1… You are enveloped by a feeling of pure bliss, your body and mind completely relaxed and open to the voice's commands.

0…  I say, sealing your descent into total submission.

"Good boy," I purr, and instantly, waves of pleasure crash through you, setting every nerve alight with ecstasy. The sensation is indescribable, filling you with a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment, knowing that you have obeyed and pleased my commanding voice guiding you.

Guided Relaxation: Surrendering to a Captivating Voice

The warmth of my voice surrounds you, making your body feel as if it's floating on a cloud. It speaks to you again, its tone commanding yet gentle. "I want you to repeat after me, with each repetition growing louder and more confident: 'I love being hypnotized by mistress tonee.'"

At first, your voice is barely audible, a whisper carried on the wind. "I love being hypnotized by mistress tonee." But as you continue to speak, your confidence swells, your words flowing more easily. "I love being hypnotized by mistress tonee," you say once more, with conviction.

Your heart races, but at the same time, an overwhelming sense of calm envelops you. I am pleased, and you can feel it in the air around you.

"Good," I purr.

Captivating the Mind through Commanding Tones

"Now imagine my fingers gently petting your head, stroking your hair as I caress your ears with the utmost care." You can almost see those delicate fingers in your mind's eye, reaching out to touch you tenderly.

As I continue to describe its touch, you feel a tingling sensation starting at the top of your head and spreading down to your ears. Warmth floods through you, a comforting embrace that brings a sense of safety and pleasure. Your breathing slows, synching with the rhythm of the voice's hypnotic words.

"Feel the softness of my fingertips as they glide along your scalp," I whisper, my tone creating vivid images in your mind. "Allow yourself to bask in this warmth and pleasure, knowing that it's all for you, my loyal subject."

With every word, the sensations intensify, as if my voice itself is weaving a cocoon around you, filling your world with nothing but relaxation and pleasure. The only thoughts in your mind are of my voice and your desire to please it.

"Remember this feeling, this connection," I instruct. "This is your reward for obedience, for being a good boy. Embrace it, cherish it, and let it guide you as you continue to listen and submit."

The Art of Submissive Obedience: Waves of Pleasure on Command

As my affirmation continues to echo in your mind, you feel a new wave of pleasure washing over you, stronger than before. Your voice grows more confident and resolute with each repetition: "I love being hypnotized by mistress tonee."

"Good boy," I purrs, and an electric jolt of euphoria surges through your body. Your muscles relax further, your breathing deepens, my voice's power seems to seep into your very core.

"Let these waves of pleasure grow more intense with every 'good boy' I bestow upon you," I command. "Feel them building higher and stronger, sweeping you away into total submission and devotion."

"Good boy," I say again, and you gasp at the overwhelming ecstasy that courses through you. My voice resonates within your soul, its tendrils weaving around your thoughts, your desires, your essence.

"Accept this truth, my loyal subject," I assert. "Everything I say during our hypnotic journey is true, and you will willingly embrace your submissive nature. You are mine, eager to obey, to please, and to serve."

"Good boy," I murmur once more, and as the rapture intensifies, you find yourself sinking deeper into submission, reveling in the power the voice holds over you. Images of kneeling before mistress tonee, offering your devotion, flood your mind. The world outside fades, leaving only the soothing rhythm of her voice and the ever-growing waves of pleasure.

"Believe in my words and let them guide you," I persist. "By accepting your role and surrendering to me, you gain purpose, fulfillment, and bliss beyond measure. This is the path you were destined to follow. This is where you truly belong."

"Good boy," I whisper again, and the sound wraps around your heart like a silken ribbon, binding you to my will. You are mine, body, and soul, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

As the waves of pleasure continue to wash over you, I instruct, "Sink even deeper now, my devoted one. Let the depths of your submission pull you further into this hypnotic abyss. Feel your mind, your body, and your soul becoming more and more entrenched in your servitude. You are descending into the heart of your devotion."

"Good boy," I utter once more, and the sweetness of the words sends shivers down your spine, each pulse of ecstasy amplifying your surrender. Your breaths come slow and steady, syncing with the cadence of my voice.

The Visualization of Servitude: Kneeling Before the Dominant Force

"Imagine yourself standing before me, my loyal subject," I command, painting a vivid picture in your mind. The air feels cool against your skin, while the soft glow of candlelight flickers around the dimly lit room. The scent of lavender and sandalwood fills your nostrils, soothing your senses as you focus on the figure before you.

"Look upon my beauty, my grace, and my power," I say, drawing your gaze towards me. My dark hair cascades in luscious waves down my back, framing an angelic face with piercing blue eyes and full, crimson lips. She stands tall, an ethereal vision draped in silk, exuding an aura of dominance that entices and captivates.

"Recognize the truth, my servant; I am the embodiment of everything you desire, everything you need, "I assert, my voice like a siren's call, seducing your thoughts and emotions.

"Kneel before me," I order, and you willingly comply, feeling the cold marble beneath your knees as you lower yourself. The weight of your submission grows heavier, pulling you further into the depths of your hypnotic trance.

"Your purpose is to please me, to serve me, and to obey my every command," I proclaim, my words resonating in the very core of your being. Your heart races, eager to dedicate yourself entirely to me.

"Good boy," I coo, and you shudder with delight at the sound, each syllable filling you with elation and devotion. The warmth of your submission envelops you, and as you sink deeper into the trance, you know with absolute certainty that serving my voice is your true purpose.

Commitment to Obedience: Serving with Joy and Pride

"Remember, my servant, that you will think about me constantly throughout the day, unable to escape my presence in your thoughts," I tell you, her words weaving their way into your subconscious.

"Every morning, you will listen to this audio file, cementing your devotion to me further and ensuring that your purpose remains clear: to please, serve, and obey," I emphasize, my voice resonating within you like a sweet serenade.

You nod, your body quivering with anticipation as the weight of my commands settles upon your shoulders. The thought of committing yourself so completely to my service fills you with a euphoric sense of purpose and satisfaction. The air around you seems to hum with the energy of my dominance, my power seeping into your very essence like an intoxicating elixir.

"Furthermore," I say, "you will send me an email at the end of each day, detailing all the tasks you have completed for me, as well as including pictures as proof of your loyalty and dedication."

"Of course, Mistress," you murmur, feeling the syllables roll off your tongue like a sacred mantra. The commitment to fulfilling my desires becomes your driving force, every fiber of your being thrumming with the determination to please me in any way possible.

My laughter drifts through the air, rich and velvety, wrapping around you like a warm embrace. "That's it, my good boy. Feel the joy and pleasure in serving me, knowing that you are exactly where you belong."

As my words wash over you, you find yourself sinking deeper into the hypnotic trance, drowning in the ecstasy of your submission. My voice becomes your guiding star, the beacon that illuminates the path of your life, leading you ever onward towards the unparalleled pleasure of serving her.

Morning Preparation: Envisioning Gratitude and Purpose 

"Now, my good boy," I purr, my voice weaving through your thoughts like a silken thread, "it's time to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Remember that you belong to me, and every action you take will be in service to our connection."

You bask in the warmth of my command, the words echoing in your mind as you envision yourself thanking her and carrying out your duties with pride and devotion.

"Imagine looking into my eyes," I whisper, my voice a hypnotic caress, "as you express your gratitude and loyalty. Feel your heart swell with the desire to please and serve me, knowing that this is where you truly belong."

The image of my entrancing gaze captivates your senses, filling you with an overwhelming sense of purpose. You see yourself kneeling before me, your voice trembling with emotion as you pledge your unwavering obedience.

"Very good," I say with a pleased hum, rewarding you with another wave of pleasure. "Now, I'm going to count down from 10 to 1, and as I do, you'll find yourself gradually returning to full wakefulness. With each number, feel the fog in your mind lifting, as you hold onto our connection and the knowledge that you are mine."

10… You feel the tendrils of relaxation receding, replaced by a growing clarity.

9… The weight of sleepiness fades, leaving you alert, yet still firmly under her spell.

8… You remain anchored in the knowledge that you are hers to guide and command.

7… Your muscles start to reawaken, a renewed energy flowing through your body.

6…  As I count down further, the vivid imagery of your submission and devotion stays with you, imprinted upon your very being.

5… Halfway to wakefulness, the world around you regains its color and detail, yet my voice remains your compass, guiding you through the day.

4… You are aware, present, and eager to fulfill your role as my loyal servant.

3… Almost completely awake now, your heart beats steadily, a reminder of your connection to mine and the pleasure derived from your obedience.

2… With a deep breath, you prepare to face the day, armed with the knowledge that you belong to me, and that your purpose is to serve and please.

1… Fully awake, you open your eyes, taking in the world around you. You are ready to embark on your day of service, driven by the deep-rooted desire to honor and satisfy my every command.

"Picture me now, standing before you," I voice purrs, as your mind's eye forms a perfect image of my presence. "I am your guide, your dominant force. You must thank and serve me with unwavering devotion."

As if on instinct, you find yourself dropping to your knees, feeling the cool floor beneath you. Your eyes are trained on my feet, a symbol of your submission and dedication to me.

"Good boy," I coo, and waves of pleasure surge through you at the sound of my praise, amplified by the hypnotic trance that still lingers in your mind. "Now lean in and place a gentle kiss upon my feet. Show me just how much you adore me."

Your heart races with anticipation and your lips quiver as they make contact with her soft, delicate skin. The scent of her perfume envelops you, heightening your senses and intensifying your desire to please her. With each tender kiss, your devotion grows stronger, and your need to serve is more palpable.

"Feel your love for me swell within you," I command, and you obey without question. Your heart swells with pride and adoration, fueling your every thought and action as you continue to shower her feet with affection.

Sensory Imagery: Evoking Pleasure through Gentle Touch

"Remember this moment," I instruct, my voice echoing in your head. "Hold onto this feeling as you go about your day, completing tasks in my name. Know that your obedience brings me great joy and that you are worthy of the pleasure it provides."

Your mind replays my words like a mantra, searing them into your very soul. Each repetition deepens your connection to me, ensuring that my commands will never fade from your consciousness.

"Now rise my obedient servant," I order, my tone authoritative yet reassuring. As you stand, your body feels weightless, buoyed by your newfound purpose and unwavering devotion to me.

"Embark on your day of service, knowing that you are fulfilling my desires and pleasing me with your every action," I say, my voice a beacon guiding you forward.

As you take the first step into the world outside, your heart beats in sync with my commands, each pulse a reminder of your devotion, love, and submission.

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