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What is Findom?

Are you wondering what has led you here? Whether you are alone with these feelings? Relax! You are in safe hands. There are many like you who already belong to Me. It’s time to give yourself to your Goddess.

Financial Domination

Whether you call it Financial domination, Findom or wallet rape it all adds up to the same thing. You are desperate to give yourself up financially to your superior; Me. Perhaps you identify as a finsub, slave, paypig or whalesub. Maybe you are none of these but a man who has a powerful position in his day to day life and longs to relinquish it at home. Whatever it is, the best journey only happens with the truest FinDomme and that is why you have come to Me.

The Relationship

There are many ways a Findom relationship can work – there is no right or wrong as long as both get what they want. Whatever the relationship, I will relieve you of that heavy burden over what to do with money. At a time where money is power, why would you want it? It is earnt solely for Me to demand it. It is nothing in your bank account but fanned in My hands it is a symbol of everything you want but cannot have.

The Details

The finer points get worked out when you approach Me. There are those that want to pay a tithe from their salary; to give and be utterly ignored; or to make frequent smaller offerings whilst reciting their daily affirmations to their one true Goddess. Others seek to have their lives ruled and controlled by their Financial Mistress. They will have to ask for permission to buy anything and everything. Maybe you want to have the thrill of an unexpected demand placed upon you with a time in which to fulfil it. Hand over everything to Me and experience a thrill like no other. Power exchange is the ultimate game. Surrender everything to make Me happy.

Pay Tribute



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