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When a submissive fetishizes the feet of the dominant, often enacted with foot worship. Foot worship is generally carried out on bare feet, as feet in shoes, boots, stockings, tights or socks could be characterized as the fetish or worship of those particular things instead. Worship may include stroking, massaging, applying nail varnish, licking, sniffing or kissing, although this should not be confused with a submissive kissing a dominant's feet as a greeting or goodbye gesture, which would not generally be classified as foot worship.

One of My all-time favorite fetishes! I have been blessed when it comes to feet, and I find great pleasure in using them to dominate men, especially if they have a strong foot fetish. From My wrinkled soles, to My delicious toes, My perfect feet make any foot fetishist beg for a look/sniff/kiss. Are you worthy of the honor?


Are you craving to get a look, whiff, and taste of My perfect and divine feet? Apply for a foot fetish session today.

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