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Virtual GFE Online Services

Sensual, lively and debaucherous,
let’s create the online experience you have always dreamed 

Virtual Explorations and Entanglements I adore

Connection, it is of the utmost importance. We all deserve it and we should all be able to have it. I have lovers who cannot be with me in person at this or perhaps at any time.

For those who would like to explore, adventure and get to know themselves and me better at this time, I am now offering virtual services were we can do just that.

I am offering: zoom/skype/whatspp video/FaceTime calls; phone calls and texting packages. I am also selling used clothing and underwear, which I will write about in a future blog post.

Come and explore your inner desires with me, or have a glass of wine or a coffee with me whilst we put the world and our needs to rights.

How I session virtually

I have an online booking form, which you fill in prior to a virtual session. This allows me to be prepared for our time together. What is it that you would most like to explore with me during our time together? We tease our your desire and explore your fetishes in our time together.


Video Sessions (Skype/Facetime)

Video Sessions (Skype/Facetime)

  • 30 minutes $150

  • 1 hour $300

  • 1 hour $300

Phone Sessions

Audio Notes

  • 30 minutes $130

  • 1 hour $250

  • 1 hour $200

Text Packages

  • 1 day package $100

  • 6 day package $600


  • 1 hour $200

Custom Photosets

Worn panties/stockings

  • From the archive or custom- 3 for $50

  • $50 + postage for worn panties or stockings

  • Extras: pissing in the pants, cumming in the pants, wearing the pants for more than 1 day, wearing the stockings for a day, exercising in the stockings for extra sweat, exercising in the pants- $10 each

Lets Meet Up

Spend Pleasure And Quality Time With Me

Book Me Now

561-367-5090 (TEXT ONLY)

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