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How to Tribute

Remember the findom tribute rule: Think of Mistress, Pay Mistress, Repeat!

You will not approach Me until you have made appropriate tribute using any of My tribute methods below. When done you have the choice of remaining silent, knowing you will have made Me smile, or you may approach. Remember, time wasters are not tolerated. Tell Me what you desire and I will take things from there. Don’t be shy – I have heard it all.

You may also shower Me with gifts, either by sending Me a gift card or by purchasing one or more items from My Amazon wishlist. These do not count as tribute, merely an expression of you adoration of Me.

Bank Transfer

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I own those so let’s make it cold, hard cash. Think big! Then think bigger!



Don’t you just love how easy it is to send Me money? Click! Click!


Cash App

Click the button and I could be receiving your tribute in seconds! Isn’t that perfect?!



I make it so easy for you to buy Me the finer things in life.
There’s something for all wallets.


Amazon Wishlist

When you realise you cannot get it right and want to surprise Me, this is the perfect answer. This way, you know I will love it!



If you already have an account, you’ll know how easy it is to tip Me. Don’t forget to add a little extra as LoyalFans take a 20% cut.



Send a gift or add a tip to your favourite pictures. Don’t forget to add a little extra as FINmessage take a 20% cut.



Tribute using Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you need others, you may ask politely.
Who knew online currency could be so sexy?



Size matters with this as in everything else. Impress Me.

Send them to

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