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a tryst with east coast provider tonee

What has your path looked like on the journey to where you are now as a Tantra/Nuru provider and sensual Domme?

For every successful professional there is always a story of how they conquered their fears by facing them head on. My journey started out very different, I didn't know where I was headed – I simply knew I had a gift to heal and I was very sensual. These things cannot be summarized but I will try to give pointers where necessary. After all the training processes, it is in the job that one really learns. I grew into my job as it trained me; so with each client, each session, comes a brand-new atmosphere for growth and I'm so thankful for the opportunities my job has brought me. I can categorically say I am proud of how far I have come on this path.

Is there something you didn't expect going into the industry?

Well, I did not expect that a lot of people could be so vulnerable sexually. You know, it blew my mind seeing how unsatisfied some lots are when it comes to sexual satisfaction. So, in order to be in total control through the whole phase or session, it is imperative that I listen to understand my clients fully. This  creates some sort of mind and body connection – which enables me to dominate and give them pleasure magically.

What has sex work taught about yourself?

Sex work is an eye-opener in the way that it helped elevate my confidence and gave me more reasons to appreciate my body, my beauty, and my sense of self-worth. We are all very beautiful creatures, however some of us may not know the true meaning of being beautiful until we start to really see and feel it for and by ourselves. So, in retrospect it has taught me how to enjoy my beauty, body and understand my sensuality.

What are some of the skills you had to learn when you first started in the industry? Have there been things you needed to ‘unlearn’ to be good at your job?

I learned first-hand that my job is part of my life and vice versa, however my individuality needed to play a vital role in shaking it. Technically, I needed to learn my path with each client, each appointment I got, to understand how to separate this from that. It wasn't easy and in order to thrive I had to mentally create that formula that helps navigate and separate my persona, my interests, my fears, and my insecurities... which greatly helped shape me into being audacious with my skills.

Do you find that there is a type of client who seeks you out, who you really enjoy seeing?

Honestly there are some clients that just easily loosen up with you and everything becomes so easy, creamy and sensual. So I guess these clients will always intend to remain clients based on the benefits and the beauty of what we share. For me, a happy client makes the job worthwhile.

You mention being a ‘sensual Domme’ - can you tell us a little about this kind of kink work?

A large number of people are literally afraid and/or unaware of how to tap into the inner core of sensuality, thereby causing an inability to fully satisfy one's sensuality. Being a sensual Domme gives me that power to inflict pleasure into my clients in areas they technically wouldn't deem possible. However, people need to understand the distinctive difference between sensuality and sexuality and sadistic dominance. My dominance oozes from my gaze, my intellect, my ability to control the atmosphere around me without even raising my voice.

Tell us about your workspace. How do you set it up to make room for the varied kinds of sessions you provide?

Just like in hospitals there are different treatment spaces for cases as they arise. So when it comes to my job, from regular massages, Nuru, and tantric sessions, each type determines the kind of setup required. However some of the basics are but not limited to the following: clean sheets, aromatic and scented candles, a clean and serene atmosphere to enable total relaxation and sensual enhancement for the client. I love luxury candles, aromatherapy, great textured pillows, and silk sheets.

You say that a date with you is ‘powerful, full of bliss and creativity.’ Can you share more about the kinds of experiences you create?

I create memories, whether you're single, a couple, etc. I create an impression that is sure to make me sought after long after I am gone. I try to be very intentional with everything from the candles, my mental state, the softness of my hands, and the way my hips and body glide against yours. My aura is what captures you and I seek nothing but to demand your mind, body, and spirit for that moment we share. It is supposed to feel like there’s nothing else in the world more powerful.

What’s the most important thing that other sex workers, allies, and potential clients need to understand about you, your identity, and your experience as a Black sex worker?

The hard work I put in. The importance of having a routine, sticking to my values and policies.

Being a black sex worker can be dangerous and it is highly imperative that we approach every aspect of our lives cautiously. I'm not trying to say to live in fear, however being a sex worker and being black is already a threat. Now imagine being black, bold, and beautiful – that combination can be seen to so many as something they need to tame... so this is where caution comes in. Take caution in being the best you always intended to be.

Have you found connection and safety in BIPOC specific sex working spaces?

Honestly, BIPOC spaces were created fundamentally for the enhancement, enablement, and protection of the black community. And so far it has contributed positively to reducing the harsh treatment and abuse towards black women. It has amplified that peace from within, knowing that you are not alone in the job. Technically, this gives me a sense of calm and amplifies my strength.

What is your favorite part of sex work culture? What communities, people, places, and memories are important to you as a sex worker? What’s an aspect of being a sex worker that you really love?

My favorite part is the flexibility and meeting new people. I learn new things each day. I feel like creating a safe space for others and yourself is most important. I really love the solidarity and ability to work anywhere.

What’s your favorite way to relax and recharge after a long week?

Mindfulness – this is why I try to detox mentally and physically. I also use meditation to refocus and channel my mind positively. I do not downplay it. As much as I cherish myself and my job, I also need to reflect on my growth because the better I am, the more my skills will be improved .I also love to just get into bed and watch movies. I am a big thriller movie girl!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? What are your pastimes and passions?

Learning new things; I try to stay in the know so as to bring me up to speed on whatever improvements or techniques are out there. Learning can never be overemphasized as it plays an integral part in our human existence that helps us to navigate through life and other areas seamlessly.

The way for a client to win me over is: to respect my boundaries and be kind!My dream vacation is: Italy!We'll get along if: you enjoy life and joke a lot!My ultimate weakness is: a great smelling cologne.I feel most sexy when: I’m dressed down and no makeup.Twitter: @companiontoneeInstagram: @Toneethespecialist

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