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Doctor Visit

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

The familiar scent of antiseptic wafted through the air as Doctor Carver entered the examination room, causing a shiver of anticipation to run down my spine. My heart raced with excitement, and I couldn't help but smile at the thought of what was about to unfold.

"Good evening, Mistress Tonee," Doctor Carver greeted me, his deep timbre voice vibrating through the space between us, sending tremors of desire coursing through my body. The way he looked at me, uncertainty lingering in his eyes, told me everything I needed to know – he was powerless against the spell I had cast over him.

"Doctor Carver," I replied, allowing my voice to trail off ever so slightly, ensuring that he understood the gravity of the situation.

"Doctor Carver," I purred, my sultry tone wrapping itself around his name like a velvet ribbon. His pupils dilated ever so slightly, betraying his desire, and the corner of his mouth twitched as if he were trying to suppress a smile. Oh, how delicious it was to see this strong, masculine man teetering on the edge of submission.

"Is there anything specific bothering you, Mistress Tonee?" he asked, attempting to regain his composure. I could practically taste the tension in the air as he pulled out his penlight and reflex hammer, the clinical tools only serving to heighten the erotic charge between us.

"Nothing in particular, Doctor," I answered coyly, my gaze never leaving his. "I just thought it was time for a...check-up."

His hand trembled ever so slightly as he reached for my wrist to take my pulse, his touch sending shivers up my arm. I smirked inwardly – the power I held over him was intoxicating, and I had every intention of savoring it.

"Would you mind examining my leg, Doctor?" I asked, the words dripping with sultry intent. As I extended my shapely leg towards him, I reveled in the impact of my body language on his increasingly fragile veneer of control. A simple gesture marked the beginning of a most seductive dance.

"Of course," he murmured, clearly affected by the sight before him. His strong hands cradled my calf as he raised it, his fingertips grazing my silky skin, sending shivers down my spine.

Doctor Carver's eyes lingered on the curve of my thigh, the intensity of his gaze like the touch of a lover. The room hummed with tension, the mingling scents of antiseptic and primal musk creating an intoxicating atmosphere that fueled our forbidden desires.

"Your leg seems to be in perfect condition," he said, his voice strained and thick with lust.

"Are you certain, Doctor?" I teased, allowing my foot to brush against the bulge in his trousers. "Perhaps you should take a closer look."

"Miss...Mistress Tonee," he stammered, struggling to maintain his professional demeanor. "I can assure you that your leg is perfectly healthy. Is there anything else you'd like me to check?"

"Actually, yes," I replied, slowly sliding off the examination table and perching myself on the edge, ensuring that my curves were on full display. "I've been experiencing some...tension lately. Perhaps you could help alleviate it?"

"Of course," he whispered, taking a step closer, his eyes never leaving mine. "Where exactly are you feeling this...tension?"

"Here," I breathed, placing a hand on my chest, just above my heart. "And here." My other hand traced a line down my abdomen, coming to rest just below my navel.

"Allow me to see what I can do," he said, his voice barely audible, the deep timbre vibrating through the space between us. His hands hovered above my skin, unsure of where to begin.

"Doctor, are you nervous?" I inquired coyly, enjoying the way he squirmed beneath my gaze. "This is hardly your first time examining a patient, is it?"

"Of course not," he replied quickly, swallowing hard. "It's just...this is different."

"Ah, yes," I purred, my hand drifting up to caress his strong jaw. "Because this time, you're not in control. And that excites you, doesn't it?"

"Y-yes," he admitted, the word catching in his throat. "More than I ever thought possible."

"Good," I whispered, leaning in until our lips were a hairsbreadth apart. "Because, Doctor Carver, I am going to show you just how wonderful it can be when power changes hands."


I watched as Doctor Carver's broad shoulders hunched in an act of servitude, his strong hands gripping my ankle as he knelt before me. The sight was intoxicating – this powerful man, usually so sure of himself, now at my feet.

"Is this how you imagined it, Doctor?" I asked, my voice dripping with honey and power. "Did the thought of losing control to a woman like me ever cross your mind?"

His eyes flicked up to meet mine, and the slightest hint of a blush graced his cheeks. "No," he admitted quietly, the word barely escaping his lips.

"Tell me, Doctor Carver," I continued, curling my fingers around the edge of the examination table. "What did you imagine when you entered this room? Did you think you'd be the one in charge, poking and prodding at my body, as you've done a hundred times before?"

His gaze dropped back down to my leg, which was still extended towards him. "Yes," he murmured, the admission seeming to pain him as much as it excited him.

"Such a shame," I sighed, tilting my head to one side as I studied him. "You see, Doctor, I prefer to be the one pulling the strings."

He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat. "I...I can see that," he breathed, his fingertips brushing against my calf as if seeking permission to continue.

"Good," I purred, enjoying the way his touch set my nerves alight. "Now, prove to me how eager you are to please."

As Doctor Carver's hands moved tentatively up my leg, I reveled in the thrill of having him at my mercy. The mingling scents of antiseptic and primal musk filled the room, a heady aroma that served as the perfect backdrop for our seductive dance.

"Remember, Doctor," I murmured, my voice barely audible over the pounding of my heart. "You are mine to command."

And with that, our roles were solidified – him kneeling before me, submissive and willing; me perched on the examination table, wielding power like a scalpel, precise and unyielding.

"Is this how you imagined it, Doctor?" I asked, my voice laced with a sultry dominance that seemed to both enthrall and terrify him. "To be so...vulnerable?"

"Never," he whispered, his breath hot against my ankle, sending shivers up my spine. His voice was rough, barely audible, filled with a mixture of awe and trepidation. "I've never experienced anything like this."

"Shh," I cooed, silencing him with a gentle wave of my hand. "Words are unnecessary now, Doctor. Let us simply embrace the moment." My fingers traced delicate patterns on the back of his hand, guiding him further into submission.

His eyes flicked up to mine, searching for reassurance or perhaps permission to continue, and I offered him a warm smile. This was not about cruelty, but rather, an exploration of power dynamics between two consenting adults. And in this space, I was in control.

"Embrace it, Doctor Carver," I commanded softly, my gaze never leaving his as I allowed him to continue his journey up my leg. "Surrender to me completely, and I promise, you will find a pleasure unlike any other you've ever known."

As Doctor Carver's hands continued their ascent, a palpable current of electricity pulsed between us, and I reveled in the delicious dance of dominance and submission that we had created together.

As Doctor Carver's touch grew bolder, I could feel the shift in power dynamics becoming more pronounced. His large hands, once trembling with uncertainty, now slid purposefully along my leg, his fingers expertly dancing across the tender skin beneath the hem of my dress. The scent of antiseptic mingled with the intoxicating musk of our primal desires, casting a spell over the room.

"Doctor," I murmured, my voice dripping with seduction and authority. "You may continue."

"Thank you, Mistress Tonee," he responded, his deep timbre vibrating through the charged atmosphere between us.

His strong hands encircled my calf, the skilled fingers that had once saved lives now offered themselves to me in complete surrender. I relished in the irony of the situation – the healer, now seeking healing in the most unconventional of ways.

As his hands continued their slow ascent, the fabric of my dress began to bunch around my thigh, exposing more of my soft, inviting skin. His breath hitched, but he maintained his focus, guided only by my body language and unspoken commands.

"Look at you, Doctor Carver," I mused, the words rolling off my tongue like honey. "Who would have thought such a strong, masculine figure could be so deliciously submissive?"

He paused, glancing up at me with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine. I arched an eyebrow, daring him to defy my dominance. He lowered his gaze, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Only for you, Mistress Tonee," he whispered, his fingertips brushing tantalizingly close to the apex of my desire.

"Good," I purred, leaning back on my elbows and allowing myself to revel in the power I held over him. "I expect nothing less."

My heart raced as I watched Doctor Carver's transformation, from a man of unwavering authority to my willing servant, utterly devoted to fulfilling my every desire. The thrill of controlling such a powerful figure was intoxicating, and I reveled in the knowledge that he had willingly surrendered himself to me.

"Doctor," I commanded softly, "show me just how much you crave my control."

And without hesitation, he obeyed.

I studied Doctor Carver's flushed face, his dark eyes clouded with a lustful haze. His fingers continued to skim along my thigh, tracing the delicate curve of my body as if he were etching his devotion into my skin.

"Your dedication is admirable, Doctor," I murmured, watching as his chest rose and fell with each shaky breath. "But I require more attention from you. More control."

His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed hard, trembling under the weight of my gaze and the intensity of our forbidden encounter. He looked up at me, his eyes seeking permission to speak, and I granted it with a slight nod.

"Anything for you, Mistress Tonee," he breathed, the words barely audible, yet laced with an undeniable hunger. His professional demeanor hung by a thread, threatening to snap under the seductive power that now pulsed between us.

"Anything?" I challenged, arching an eyebrow in amusement. The idea of having this man, who wielded such authority over others, entirely at my mercy was intoxicating.

"Anything," he repeated, his voice husky and laced with desperation. It seemed the doctor could no longer separate his medical duties from his newfound desire to serve me.

I allowed myself a wicked smile, reveling in the sight of his submission and the way his strong hands trembled with anticipation. I slowly extended my hand towards him, palm up, as if offering him a choice – the path of professionalism or the promise of servitude.

"Very well, Doctor Carver," I purred, my voice dripping with satisfaction. "Let's see just how far your dedication goes."

"Come closer," I commanded, and the once commanding Doctor Carver obeyed without hesitation. He knelt at my feet, his eyes locked onto mine with an unwavering intensity that both excited and intrigued me. As he drew near, I reached out to brush a strand of hair from his forehead, my fingertips grazing the firm, sculpted contours of his face.

"Your hands are so cool, Mistress Tonee," he murmured, the words rolling off his tongue in a seductive purr. "I can feel the chill spreading through my veins... it's intoxicating."

"Is it now?" I responded, a coy smile playing at the corners of my lips. I continued to stroke his dark, tousled locks, my touch gentle yet deliberate. Each caress sent a shiver down his spine, heightening the erotic charge between us. With every breath he took, I could sense his longing for submission growing stronger, clawing at the remnants of his professional facade.

"Tell me, Doctor," I whispered, allowing my voice to dip lower, huskier. "How does it feel to relinquish control? To place your trust in someone else's hands?"

He exhaled deeply, his chest rising and falling beneath the crisp white fabric of his lab coat. "It's... exhilarating, Mistress. Terrifying, but freeing. I've never allowed myself to be vulnerable like this before."

"Ah, vulnerability – the one thing we all fear, yet secretly crave," I mused, my fingers trailing down his jawline to rest on his collarbone. "Perhaps it is time for you to embrace your desires, Doctor Carver. Allow me to heal those hidden wounds you've kept buried for so long."

His eyes glazed over as if lost in a trance, his breath hitching in anticipation. "Yes, Mistress Tonee... please, guide me."

"Then, worship at my feet," I ordered, my voice firm yet intoxicating. "Prove to me your dedication, your desire to surrender."

As Doctor Carver bowed his head and pressed his lips to the arch of my foot, I reveled in the delicious irony of our encounter. The man who had spent his life healing others now entrusted his own desires to me – a vulnerable patient seeking solace in my dominance.

"Very good, Doctor," I purred, feeling the warmth of his breath against my skin. "You may be an expert in matters of the body... but it seems I have become the master of your soul."

lkhf5qd3rMarveling at the sight of Doctor Carver worshipping at my feet, I knew it was time to take our encounter one step further. The air between us vibrated with sensuality and tension, a deliciously forbidden dance that we had both willingly surrendered ourselves to.

"Look at me," I commanded, my voice low and sultry. Obediently, he raised his head, his eyes wide and vulnerable as they met mine. The power dynamics in the room had shifted, and we both knew it – the once dominating presence of this masculine doctor now replaced by the undeniable force of my seductive control.

"Doctor Carver," I whispered, allowing my fingers to trace the contours of his face, reveling in the electricity that sparked beneath my touch. "Do you understand what has transpired here today? Are you ready to accept the transformation of our relationship and your complete capitulation?"

His gaze never wavered from mine, the intensity of his desire evident in the dark pools of his eyes. "Yes, Mistress Tonee," he replied, his voice barely audible. "I am willing to submit to you, in every way."

"Good," I purred, withdrawing my hand and folding my arms across my chest, maintaining eye contact to reinforce my dominance. "You have shown great dedication and vulnerability, Doctor. It is only fitting that I reward you for your obedience."

"Thank you, Mistress," he murmured, his breath hitching in anticipation of what was to come.

"Your willingness to surrender so completely has opened doors you may have never thought possible. Remember that this submission is not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to your strength." My words were a slow, hypnotic caress, reaching deep down into his very core.

"Remember this moment, Doctor Carver," I continued, allowing my voice to take on an even more seductive quality. "This is the moment when you allowed yourself to be truly seen – and in doing so, discovered a strength you never knew you possessed."

"Thank you, Mistress Tonee," he breathed, his eyes shining with gratitude and devotion. "I am forever changed by your touch, your control... and your healing."

"Then let us continue, Doctor. For we have only just begun to explore the depths of our desires."

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